Release ~ Resource ~ Repurpose: My Retirement Mantra

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One June 1, 2015 I will retire from 33 years in my Human Resources career. Having said that, the word retirement doesn’t seem to fit what I actually plan to do with my life. I’ve come up with my own words for how I want to approach this big life transition. Rather than the word “retire”, which in Wikipedia is described as “Retirement is the point where a person stops employment completely,” I have come up with the words RELEASE – RESOURCE – REPURPOSE. Here is what I recently wrote in my journal about this upcoming life transition.
I will release the identity I’ve held for 33 years of HR work, and 45 years of working life. I surely have ego attachment to this, and I’ve been proud to say that I work for an organic produce distribution company over these last 9 years. I am releasing my old identity. I am releasing the need to over-work myself in an effort to hold a regular job and build my art and SoulCollage® business. I release my need to measure the success of my days by how much I get done (hmmm…we will see about this one). I will measure the success of my day by how joyful I feel in my heart, and how present I feel in my body and in my life. Releasing means letting go. Releasing means breaking my addction to checking my email frequently, thinking that there might be something important for me to take care of. Relasing means not being responsible for hundreds of other people!
It’s time to pull my attention way from taking care of other human resources, and turn my attention toward resourcing THIS human! My new job is to attend to my own health and fitness. By health and fitness, I mean body, mind, soul and spirit. Time outdoors, at the fitness center, in my studio and with the grandkids is calling me. Resourcing myself is about making sure my own energy account is in the black–not depleted. And when I give to others it will be from a place of fullness and love.
Yesterday I visited an amazing art exhibit featuring the work of Rick Bartow. OMG!! I was transformed. It made me want to go home and start a personal renaissance for my art and creativity. Rick’s work clearly comes from a deep place. I want to discover that place within myself, and let my life and art bubble up from there. A quote from Rick: “There are old things which I have been able to lay my hands on. I’ve studied. I’ve listened. I sit by the truth. If you slow down a bit, you’ll see that it will help you, too.” This is my desire: to slow down a bit and see what is next for me as I discover a repurposing of my life after retirement.