Stories Come Alive With Life Mapping

“What a wonderful day you gave us! Thanks for being such a positive art-guide for me. My life map was the profoundly perfect way to honor my sacred time on the Earth. I’ll cherish it, inside and out.” Jill ~ In a cozy alcove crowded around a little wood stove in the corner of a Corvallis, Oregon art studio, seven artists share their newly created life map stories. We sit in rapt attention, sometimes erupting in laughter, other times sharing tears. Mostly, we are quietly witnessing as each one shares her personal journey and process for creating a unique form of artistic expression. She is bringing her story to life through a visual narrative of painting and collage called Life Mapping.
Yesterday I taught my first life mapping class and the result was astounding. Six people came, ranging in art experience from beginning to advanced, and all were totally in for the adventure. Using paint, ink, stencils, stamping and collage, each person created a beautiful expression of a story from her life journey. There were stories about geographical exploration, fantasy, longing, healing, releasing, and blossoming. Each life map story revealed a tenderness in the heart of the story teller, touching the same sweet place in all our hearts.
While driving back home at the end of the day I offered a prayer of gratitude for the privilege of teaching this class and watching creativity blossom. I reflected back to the times during the day when everyone was quietly in the flow and deeply absorbed in creation. People’s lives are extraordinary. Every one of us has stories to tell, and today I got to be the orchestra leader in the symphony that is life mapping. Thank you!