Kintsugi for SoulCollage®

At the September SoulCollage® gatherings in The Down to Earth Studio, we took the concept of Kintsugi, finding beauty in broken things (What is Kintsugi?), and applied it to SoulCollage®. The results were stunning, both visually and in the way it opened up our hearts and souls for deeper connection with one another. It still brings tears to my eyes when I reflect on what we shared together. 


I took a chance with this idea of Kintsugi for SoulCollage®, not at all sure whether it would work. I was soon reassured by the openness and willingness of the 17 women who came together for this unique experience. It was a gentle reminder to trust my instincts. Thank you, beautiful spirits, for making last

Friday a memorable day. Here are some photos of the cards we made, tore apart, and mended with gold. 





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