Solstice Soul Renewal Breitenbush Retreat 2019

It might have been because the weather was spectacular, or the food was extra yummy. Could have been the labyrinth ceremony or the love letters that our SoulCollage(r) cards wrote to us. Or, maybe it was because just the right combination of kindred spirits came together. Whatever the reason, the 2019 Solstice Soul Renewal SoulCollage(r) Retreat was epic!  Maybe I say that every year, but it really did feel extraordinary. The witness circle was powerful and the sharing was deep.

Every experience brought us closer to ourselves and to one another. We felt the presence of the ancestors with us as we drummed and rattled and received sound baths from Ann Christensen’s  shamanic voice. We spent reflective time out on the land noticing how nature mirrors our own internal landscape — Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath, and Fire my spirit. We held our cards and walked the labyrinth with prayers for integration and inspiration.

We closed the retreat in a ceremony where each woman, one by one, stood in the center of the circle and declared what was emerging from within her. Then, we cheered, hooted and howled in celebration  — May it be so! Blessed be! A-ho!

I loved facilitating this retreat. The more I collaborate with other facilitators, the more I learn to let go and trust that 1+1= possibility and magic. I feel a renewed sense of listening to my soul and allowing what wants to happen, without my ego in there over-controlling or forcing a preconceived outcome…always a work in progress, but I felt a big shift this time. Hallelujah for that!

“What is emerging in me is a deep trust,” I said, as I stood in the closing circle. I felt honored and grateful to be able to facilitate this annual Breitenbush retreat. I hope you will join us some year so you can experience the magic, too.