Kintsugi Kindred Spirits Ceremony

Nine beautiful souls came together in the Down to Earth Studio yesterday for a deep celebration of “Kintsugi – Breaking and Mending – Where Grief, Gratitude and Beauty Coexist.” I so love facilitating this ceremony. The energy of this gathering was palpable – each woman sharing her story, her love, her broken heart – and, you could feel the healing taking place as the bowls were broken and mended with gold.

When Spirit called me to start offering breaking and mending workshops I didn’t realize how meaningful this ceremony would be for participants and for myself. I was told by my guides that, if I could find the courage to bring people together in this way and help hearts open to grief, gratitude and beauty, I would be supported by unseen powerful energies. It has proven true – each workshop gets deeper and deeper with more laughter, more tears, more a feeling of belonging to this world.

We are all on this journey together, all the pain and all the joy. Let’s come together, hear our stories, and support one another along the way. A-ho! Blessed be! Sat Nam! and Amen!