Are you noticing the miracles around you?

With everything that’s going on right now finding small miracles in my life seems more precious than ever. Here is a story of one of those miracles — one that pulled me out of brokenheartedness and reminded me that there are still many wonders out there in the world just waiting for us to find them. I hope my story will inspire you to watch for the miracles that might be waiting in your life, too. 🙂

The Messengers

The scalloped edges of rich green oak trees lined the rolling hills of Basket Slough Wildlife Refuge. Behind the oaks, billowing white clouds mimicked the curved arboreal flow of the trees. Stretched out in front of the oaks was a gold and brown field of dried Queen Anne’s Lace. I stopped on the path, took a deep breath, and let my eyes receive the landscape: honey gold, nutmeg brown, olive green, and dove white, all opening under a mantle of blue.
It was a joy I’d taken for granted – clear views and breathing clean, fresh air. Wildfires had raged in Oregon over the past week and burned many of my favorite mountain hiking trails in the Santiam wilderness, and the loss was heartbreaking. Each day brought tragic news of burned out forests and lost homes. READ more.

A Bit of Happy News from GG’s Down to Earth Studio

We are in the aftermath of emotional turmoil and great losses from the wildfires that raged here in the Pacific Northwest over the last several days. I thought something upbeat might be welcomed. So, here it is, a bit of happy news to share with you from my Down to Earth Studio. Maybe this newsletter will somehow help you keep your heart open to possibility. Read more…