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Beauty From Loss

I found a dead patch-nosed snake last fall while hiking near Cochiti Lake, New Mexico, and created an art piece with it. I know snakes are creepy to some people, but I love them; I always have. Here is an excerpt about snakes from my memoir titled, Solitude in Wild Nature: My Journey to Wholeness Through […]

Happy Summer From GG’s Down to Earth Studio

This summer I am feeling so grateful for the beauty that helps distract me from all the heartbreaking social, political and environmental news. I just completed my annual wilderness quest in the Inyo National Forest with the hundreds of years old junipers, pines, and aspen groves. I named my questing place at Johnny Meadows “The […]

Breaking Dishes for Broken Hearts at GG’s Down to Earth Studio

One of my sisters called me the other day and asked, “What have you been doing up there in Oregon besides breaking dishes?” It took me a moment to realize she was talking about the Kintsugi breaking and mending ceremony photos I’ve been posting on Facebook and Instagram. I laughed and said, “Well, not much; […]

Catching the Wind at GG’s Down to Earth Studio

I hope this email finds you catching the wind of creativity and letting it carry you. It’s not always in the direction that you thought you’d be going, right? One thing aging is teaching me is that I can plan all I want (and heaven knows I’m a great planner!), but the key to happiness […]

In Times of Terror Wage Beauty

The art piece above is my version of the Pedernal Mountain near Taos, New Mexico. The Pedernal is the mountain that moved and inspired one of my favorite painters, Georgia O’Keeffe, as she studied and painted it from her studio at Ghost Ranch. After her death, her ashes were scattered there as a testament to […]

Healing the Maternal Lineage at GG’s Down to Earth Studio

All families have some sort of traumatic history. And much of that trauma has been borne by women in the form of domestic violence, physical/emotional abuse, sexual abuse, childbirth complications, death, mental illness, and the list goes on. Over the past several weeks I have been working toward healing my own maternal lineage by educating […]

In My Heart of Hearts at GG’s Down to Earth Studio

It’s coming up: Valentine’s Day! GALentine’s Day! PALentine’s Day! February 14th, the day we celebrate love here in America. I’m adding another one of our beloveds to the list, EARTHentine’s Day! (Not the most romantic title, I know. Let me know if you come up with something better.) But think about it…is not Mother Earth […]

Top 10 Highlights of 2021

I love the ritual of reflecting on the year that has passed and contemplating the renewal and rebirth that a new year brings. There’s something so refreshing and hopeful about turning the page to a new year filled with possibilities. I hope my list of the top 10 highlights of 2021 inspires you to take […]

Nurturing the Seed at GG’s Down to Earth Studio

Winter is coming — the time when everything will once again lie dormant in the silent earth. Winter is a sacred time of rest and reflection before the slow build toward brighter days. We can follow Mother Nature’s cue and nurture ourselves with compassion, rest, and reflection. As we consciously link our awareness to nature’s […]

Giving Thanks at GG’s Down to Earth Studio

Along with everything that is deeply troubling these days, I feel especially grateful this month; grateful to be alive and able to explore and enjoy what remains wild and beautiful; grateful for dear friends and family; grateful to have opportunities to make art and write a book… read more