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Top 10 Highlights of 2017!

It warms my soul to sit back and look at the whole year as a book telling a story of who I am, and how I am creating myself. 2017 marks a crossroads in my creative path where the currents of the Divine Muse took the reigns and steered me towards deeper expression through my […]

CollagePlay! Student Creations

      Humans beings are inherently creative. It’s true. Every time I teach a collage class I become more amazed at how students tear paper, dab paint and combine shapes and colors and create beauty where just minutes before there was nothing.                         […]

Paper only! An Art Challenge at Sitka

It’s great fun to create in ways that come easiest, not always comfortable to be challenged to do things differently. Every year my friend Linda and I take a class at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology on the Oregon coast. This year we took a collage class with Margot Voorhies Thompson. My normal […]

Shrines for Hope and Healing Workshop – Take 2!

  Yesterday was another magical day of shrine making with seven Creative Souls in the Down to Earth Studio. Shrine makers worked intently on crafting every small detail, sometimes in silence, sometimes with laughter. The day just flew by as we were held in the flow; time seemed to stand still in that space. And, […]

Practicing my 4-A Ideology: A.rt A.s A.n A.ntidote

The Inner Fires of Unbreakable Will I just had breakfast with a dear friend and we shared a deep and meaningful conversation about life, death and, like almost every conversation we have these days, the political milieu in which we are living We laughed about Saturday Night Live skits and teared up at…read more