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Practicing my 4-A Ideology: A.rt A.s A.n A.ntidote

The Inner Fires of Unbreakable Will I just had breakfast with a dear friend and we shared a deep and meaningful conversation about life, death and, like almost every conversation we have these days, the political milieu in which we are living We laughed about Saturday Night Live skits and teared up at…read more

What’s a broken heart to do?

Art as an Antidote for Hope and Healing How are your hearts doing out there dear ones? Like many of you, I’ve been walking around with a broken heart since the presidential election. There have been a few times over these last weeks when I’ve buried my head in my pillow and cried out loud […]

Stories Come Alive With Life Mapping

“What a wonderful day you gave us! Thanks for being such a positive art-guide for me. My life map was the profoundly perfect way to honor my sacred time on the Earth. I’ll cherish it, inside and out.” Jill ~ In a cozy alcove crowded around a little wood stove in the corner of a […]

Inspiring Natural Patterns of Mexico

During a recent trip to Mexico I was very inspired by the beautiful natural patterns of the beach and tropical forest. I’m drawn toward repeated patterns in art and nature. Perhaps it’s the comfort and reliability of something beautiful occurring over and over again. There is a slower rhythmic pace in Mexico. It’s warm and […]