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Deb’s Mixed Media Piece – Turtle’s Journey

Deb loves her turtles! She used a painted background with a circle stencil and sponged paint. That that she added the turtles cut from kimono paper she brought along with her. She wanted the words about exploration and journeying in her piece to give it a sense of adventure. Over the top she used a […]

Nitza’s Mixed Media Piece – The Lovers

Nitza had a wedding and lovers in mind when she created this magical dance of dragonflies, the spirits of lovers and the script paper with gold ginko leaves. Her background is music with words about love and being together forever. What a sweet and tender expression of loving spirits!

CollagePlay! In the Flow of Creativity

Above image is Marie’s mixed media piece “Tell Me Your Dream” Time stood still in the CollagePlay mixed media class yesterday; we were definitely in the flow of creativity. We created together, shared ideas, laughed a lot, and the day just flew by. We didn’t want to break for lunch, but knew we needed nourishment […]

Anteo’s Space Chicken Adventure MeCard

Anteo’s story poem The Space Chicken Adventure I am the wonderful chicken king I wonder what it would be like to fly in space I hear the universe calling me I see stars and planets with my telescope I want to be a space chicken I pretend to fly in space I feel like I […]