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Ilari (6 y/o) and her MeCards

Ilari’s story poem: I am a snowy owl I wonder that I wish I had a little chick I hear other owls that look cute… I see angels I want them to come here I am happy I pretend that the other owls are going away I feel great I touch the angel I worry […]

Thea’s (6 y/o) Fairy MeCard

Thea Wren’s story poem:   I am a fairy I wonder if fairy cats will play with me I hear birds I see flowers I want cats to paly with me I am sad   I pretend they play with me I feel a soft bird’s tail I touch the bird I worry that the […]

First MeCards4Kids Class in the Down to Earth Studio

On Saturday afternoon, March 8th, I offered my first MeCards4Kids class. It was much more fun than I even imagined it might be. Being around children definitely brought out the kid in me and the class flowed along quite comfortably and joyfully. There were five children, three grandmas and one mom in the Down to […]